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Tony Hawk Still Has It!

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Tony Hawk Still Has It!


Tony Hawk may be 47, but he is still doing crazy things that no other athlete has ever done before! It seems as if just when people think that he is done with the spotlight, he comes and blows everybody right out of the water. He brought skateboarding to the mainstream and continued to push the sport to its limits. Most recently, Hawk managed to skate the first ever horizontal loop. Yes, a horizontal loop!

Most people would think of a horizontal loop and assume that it would be impossible to skate, but that is not the case with Tony Hawk. Termed the Sony Spiral, the horizontal loop creates the perfect backdrop for an awesome stunt for ‘Birdman.’

Preparing for the stunt was not an easy task. He slammed into the loop multiple times and crashed more times than he was able to count. It took him an eighteen tries before he was able to figure out just how to conquer the loop. Hawk stated that people had been asking him how he planned on skating the loop, and he replied by stating, “I don’t know. I’m just going to find out… the hard way.”

According to Hawk’s Instagram page, he has been brainstorming how to do this stunt for quite some time now. As his vision started to come to a head, he was able to make his way around the spiral ramp multiple times without crashing.

While this stunt is incredibly impressive, breaking the lines of physics on a skateboard is nothing new new to Hawk. Back in 2011, he completed a 900 at the age of 43. For this stunt, he teamed with Sony to build and film the ramp. The stunt was filmed with the help of seven Action Cams. While he may have retired in 1999, he is easily still one of the most talented skateboarders out there!


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