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Snowboarding NYC Streets

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Snowboarding NYC Streets


The winter storms of 2016 are in full force, and they are hitting the east coast of the United States as if there was no tomorrow. Winter Storm Jonas is no joke. It managed to bring in 34 inches of snow to New York alone. Unfortunately, it has also resulted in the deal of 37 people and a widespread power outage that has affected nearly a quarter of a million residents. People are sticking indoors as much as possible to avoid falling victim to the storm’s insane hurricane-force winds and snowfall.

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, even called for a ban of vehicles on the streets after 2:30 p.m. in the city. Police officers were advised to arrest any person that was caught driving down the streets past the time.

Despite the dangers and restrictions brought upon by Storm Jonas, this did not stop a group of Youtube stars from making the most of the snowfall. While some may call them crazy, Youtuber Oscar Boyson, Dean Neistat, Jesse Wellens and Casey Neistat took to the streets of New York and began to shred them up!

With the help of a souped-up Jeep, a drone, a snowboard and a whole lot of courage, these boys made it their mission to relieve everyone of the dreaded blizzards blues. In the video released under Youtube Username ‘CaseyNeistat’, a jeep pulls the boys down the New York streets while they show off their stuff on a snowboard.

Complete with taxi-cab jumps and an epic stroll through Times Square, it was a pretty epic adventure. In the end, they did get stopped by the police, but the dudes definitely had fun while it lasted. The people of New York definitely enjoyed it as well, as they can be seen cheering, clapping and high-fiving the guys during their epic snowboard session.


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