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Main Shark Surfing Locations


Statistically speak, the chances of a surfer being attacked by a shark are actually pretty slim. This does not change the fact that surfers are still an easy target for sharks. A shark sees a surfer and instead of seeing a human being, they see a helpless sea floating on top of the water – In other words, an easy target.

While there is a very small chance of a shark attack in just about every ocean around the world, there are some places where surfers are more frequently attacked by sharks. If you’re a surfer, you may want to stay clear of these waters!

New Smyrna Beach, Florida: This beach located off of the east coast of Florida is home to a shocking 238 shark attacks, many of which were surfers. New Smyrna has had more shark attacks than any other beach. While none of them have been fatal, most surfers suffer from the bite of a young bull shark which often results in a few stitches and a few weeks of healing before they are back out on the water.


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