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Forever Young: Celebrities Who Married Someone Half Their Age

Ashton Kutcher

Forever Young: Celebrities Who Married Someone Half Their Age

Everyone wants to recapture their youth when they get older. Being old is somewhat of a stigma and holding on to what is youthful is desired in every aspect. These celebrities have chosen mates who are younger than they are in order to grab those youthful and “roaring” moments again. Some of these celebs could be the parents of the partners that they have, but it doesn’t make a difference to them!

Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh


Kelsey Grammer was previously married to Doreen Alderman, Leigh-Anne Csuhany, and Camille Grammer before he met Kayte Walsh. The old saying “the third time is a charm” did not apparently work for him when it came to getting married. Being married to a person who is around the same age might have been a bit routine to Kelsey Grammer, 61, and he might have decided to have a change of pace once he realized that there was some type of compatibility issue with the same age thing, with the exception of Camille Grammer. Kelsey Grammer had the seven-year itch apparently because he cheated on Camille Grammer with Kayte Walsh, who is 35 years old.


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