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El Nino Storm Surfing

El Nino

El Nino Storm Surfing


The residents who reside along the Central Coast are anxiously preparing for what is expected to be a very stormy winter. They are taking the time to make sure that everything is safe and prepared by clearing drains, repairings roofs, and stocking up on all of their essential supplies in case an emergency.

However, surfers are getting ready in a much different way: They are waxing their boards and rinsing their wet suits. This is because a stormy winter means one thing and one thing only to any dedicated surfer: Gnarly waves!

With El Nino coming in strong, California surfers are expecting there to be some pretty big swells this season. Long-time surf coach and surfer, Barry Green, has went on to say that there needs to be a lot of physical as well as mental preparation that needed to be done when attempting to surf big swells. Without a lot of experience and skill, it can actually be quite dangerous so proper preparation is without-a-doubt necessary.

The winter season is ideal for the surfers who are looking for a challenge because these few months tend to bring swells that can rise up to 12 feet or more. Although, it is extremely important for surfers to be on the look out for various ocean debris, such as branches logs and other potentially dangerous items floating in the water.

While the waves are usually more consistent in the winter, it is still ideal for the surfer who is out to surf big waves and challenge themselves. It is definitely not the time for beginners to be going out and learning. It’s rough out there!

Storm surfing during El Nino during the winter can be a truly thrilling experience with the right amount of experience in the sport. While it may be incredibly cold, the waves are coming in hot!


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