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Dust Bowl Skateboarders

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Dust Bowl Skateboarders


A drought isn’t necessarily something that most people celebrate, however, skateboarders are remaining optimistic about this less than desirable situation. Way back in 1976, a drought led to one of the most sacred and beloved aspects of the sport: pool skating! Empty pools offer the perfect shape for a great skate sesh. Back in the Dogtown days, an empty pool was highly sought after.

As you may now, California has been facing a pretty severe drought. In a recent Public Service Announcement done by the Los Angeles Coalition for Water Conservation, legendary skaters both old and young make light of the situation. They all take the time to express their own unique reasons for wanting their fellow Angelinos to do their best to conserve water and how they can make the best of the drought in the process.

The PSA, which has been appropriately titled “Dust Bowl Disciples”, is a part history lesson, part skate video and part call to action. It showcases Tony Hawk, Tony Alva, Steven Olson, Arto Saari, Steve Alba and Christian Hosoi. They all urge skates to take advantage of those empty pools! Skate them while you can and have a blast because you have no idea how long that this is going to last.

During the initial pitch of the film pretty much references water conservation as a way for skaters to get out and have a good time, it is not all fun and games. They want people to know the dangers of drought, especially one that occurs over a prolonged period. The skaters serve up some pretty simple and effective tips from Heal the Bay on water Conservation. They close out the film by encouraging everyone to share their stories and how they are trying to conserve water so they can have the chance to win some skate-related prizes signed by the Dust Bowl skaters.


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