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Beginning Surfing-Where to Start

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Beginning Surfing-Where to Start


Learning how to surf has the potential to be a truly life changing experience. The thrill of gliding through a glossy wave is absolutely amazing. One can not just hop on a surfboard and expect to be as skilled as the renowned Joel Parkinson or Kelly Slater. In fact, even the most seasoned of surfers once had to go through the process of learning. How do you think they got so talented? If you’re a beginner wondering where to start, continue reading to pick up some tips, tricks and information to help get you on the board!

Choose The Proper Surfboard: The best surfboard option while learning is one that is thick and wide. Ditch the short boards and reach for a long board. As your skills begin to progress, you can start trying out shorter boards. It won’t be long until you discover how much easier to is to pick up on the basics with the help of a long board.


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